about white brick lane

We are three friends, who just so happen to be family, who love to display uplifting art, prints and quotes that help us to create a positive vibe in our homes and spaces.

We believe that words have a way of reaching people and that words should be used for good. Have you ever read a quote that you instantly connect with? Makes you want to do better, be better, enjoy the simple things in life or just brightens up your day? That’s where the idea began.  Inspired by a family name, an extended stay in London, and a love for uplifting words….we created White Brick Lane.

Our goal is to bring beautiful words into your homes and spaces, in hopes they will leave a lasting impression on you and those around you.

Uplifting, inspiring, top quality prints shipped to you monthly to help you create that special vibe in your own home or space.

Prints are custom cut to a 9x9” size. Printed on the highest quality premium paper, with the look and feel of being hand-made. Some with a subtle embossed texture with a crosshatch pattern resembling fine linen fabric. Others with texture made up of horizontal and vertical patterns or simply a clean, classic, smooth finish.

On the first month of your subscription, along with your print, you will receive a genuine bamboo print holder -at no additional charge. These bamboo print holders are carefully crafted to fit your print.

Each month thereafter, you will receive an authentic 9x9” White Brick Lane print. Your print will arrive in plenty of time to enjoy all month long.  Each WBL print will be inspired by the natural beauty of the season, an inspiring quote or an all around feel-good print -- but all with a deeper meaning.  We will work tirelessly to keep true to current trends while keeping a simple, classic feel. Stamped with the authentic White Brick Lane signature seal.  Let us do all the work for you.  All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for those good vibes to hit your front doorstep … one month at a time.

Good vibes. Every month, all month.     


PRINTS WITH A PURPOSE: Spreading good vibes around the world.  We are proud to be a part of Five Star Legacy Foundation. A foundation that helps the underprivileged all around the world. A portion of all proceeds will go directly to Five Star Legacy to help support their efforts. Join us in spreading good vibes and leaving a legacy around the world. Visit www.5starlegacyfoundation.org for more information.